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J&D TAXI - The software for Taxi services

Compared to preceding Russian equivalent programs the presented program is a really effective tool to simplify the Taxi service performance and speeds up the working processes, beginning with databases completion, operator's works and accounting as well as maintenance of statistics. This is a network product which allows the segregation of functions between users and provides the manufacturer effect (the operating, accounting and statistical parts are separate and independent). The software can operate under any operational systems, which adds flexibility and provides a rational saving of afford and means applied. The proposed program provides also a financial effect displayed in saving, as it prevents you from purchasing of additional expensive software, such as, for example, Windows. The presented software has been developed using the most efficient and powerful technologies which provides possibility to introduce additional functionality, required by the customer (GPS, SMS function, Call-back. Etc). The rationally short payback period of the program is reached by means of headcount reduction and statistical analysis.


Base of parking, Base of the drivers, Base of types of automobiles, Base of the tariff plans, Base of automobiles on a service, Base of the driver's communication with automobiles.

Management of on ether:
Management of the signal condition, Addition of the new order, Appointment of the drivers for orders, Management of the nominated and carried-out orders.

Accounting part:
Management of debit and credit of the drivers, Statistics of the paid receipts and management of the created receipts.


The similar programs:
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