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Vampina - dramatically improves the user's experience

The new release of the Solfedjina programm (aka Solfedjia). This programm was made to develop the basic parameters of ear-4-music, it is good substitution of real solfejio-teacher. The programm is the lesson-game. A pupil must guess some tonal intervals that are ordered using the special adaptive code, making optimal and effective results. This programm is licensed by GPL, so it's freely distributed. Know, that you install and run this programm on YOU RESPONSIBILITY! To property use this program, you need a simple sound card that supports MIDI and Windows 9x/2000/XP. It doesn't use a lot of your CPU time, so it runs on Linux without stopping. Want to ask you a favor: all the suggestions and comments leave in the guestbook (in english or russian!) or write to us.

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